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Containers provide a moveable feast for the eye. Change them out each season, move them to another part of the garden when the perennials are taking a rest, or use them to celebrate a special occasion. Almost anything that is planted in the ground can be planted in a container. As a precaution, we suggest planting your vegetable and herb gardens in containers especially if you live in the city.

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Pat and I have worked together for more than five years to update a very prosaic yard into something that gives me joy.  Every plant that she has picked out for me is still alive and well, so healthy that we’ve been able to separate and move to other spaces to augment my perennial garden.

She is a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to know.  She listens!  I have called her countless times for advice about plant pests, fertilizers, dog friendly products, etc.  All her work is sustainable and natural and so are all the products she uses.

I look forward to much more work with this talented, ethical woman.

Margo S.