River Walk


Rogers Park

This beautiful home Chicago’s North Side had lost some of its curb appeal. The challenge was to give the entry more substance, landscape the side yard to enhance the interior view, and give privacy from the busy street.

By berming the planting beds slightly, we provided a visual separation from auto and pedestrian traffic. The dry river bed helps mitigate storm runoff acting as drainage and overflow catchment from city sidewalks and the home’s downspouts.

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“My front yard was a disaster until I found Pat Bernard!  
Thanks to her taking the time to understanding our ideas, she came up with a brilliant design.
We now have curb appeal – a stunning garden that integrates the house and the yard.
Everyone in the neighborhood is enjoying it.  Her design is elegant, but also low maintenance.
And, as an additional eco-friendly element, she used 90% of our existing plants.
Martha B.