This Wilmette property, just a block from the lake, is located on a slab of clay, and poor drainage had caused many problems. The sump pump ejected every 30 minutes year round–rain or shine–so when it rained most of the backyard was flooded for several days. We rerouted the sump pump output, added drains from the backyard, installed a pre-drainage area in front of a new rain garden, fixed the grade level on the west side of the house (where the problems were worse due to the neighbor’s poor drainage design), and added larger downspouts that were redirected to drain into the backyard bed-lines. All the work has successfully kept this property dry.

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“The great thing about Pat is that she is willing to listen to feedback and work with us on changes that we would like to make. She usually comes back with specific reasons on why she has chosen certain things and has been very helpful to make decisions quick and easy. She doesn’t vary from her quotes so we know what we are going to pay. The quality of her work and her professionalism is fantastic.”
Rick P.